Runaway Devil now on sale

Runaway Devil has turned out to be a bit of a runaway hit. It is currently on three bestseller lists in Canada.

Runaway Devil, written by myself and Calgary Herald crime writer Sherri Zickefoose, tells the story of Canada’s youngest multiple killer, a 12-year-old girl runaway-devil-finalwho murdered her family by enlisting the help of her 23-year-old accomplice and lover, Jeremy Allan Steinke, who claimed to be a 300-year-old werewolf and boasted to an undercover cop that he drank blood.

It sounds sensational, and it is, but we’ve attempted to write not just a purely salacious true-crime book. Rather, we hope it  is a compelling exploration of  how someone so young could have been driven to something so heinous. Stabbed to death in the night were not just her mother and father, but also her eight-year-old brother. In the killers’ warped sense of benevolence, they felt it would be best to send the boy to be with his parents in “the summerland.”

The book explores the killers’ upbringing and background, their fascination with death metal music, violent movies and the goth subculture. It has been, at times, an emotional journey, and we hope that we have honoured the memories of the victims and the work of investigators. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the victim assistance unit of the Medicine Hat Police Service and to Rockhaven, a men’s recovery centre in Sudbury, Ont.


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